Sonia "Vegan Vicki" Steele

Cleveland's Rising Vegan Chef


Welcome to the Urban Sweetness website.  Take a look around at what we have to offer.  You will also find our upcoming events and some of our past events as well.  Don't forget to check out our products.  Thank you again for stopping by and we hope you will keep in touch with us on social media.  

If you want to know my story, check it out below.  

It's pretty cool!


My Story

Veganism was never in the picture for me until 2008 I was diagnosed with bronchioveolar carcinoma mucinous, a non-small cell form of lung cancer generally found in non smokers. July 2008 I had my lower left lung removed, and while recovering, I did a lot of research about possible causes of cancer, because this was not something that ran in my family.  My defining “AH-HA” moment, came the week of Thanksgiving 2008, I decided to become a vegetarian (yes, you read that right, Thanksgiving!!, lol) 

On my journey of finding more meatless resources, there weren’t a lot of options that catered to my taste buds or the foods I grew up learning to cook with family.   The time and lessons I've learned while cooking with my grandmother, mom and dad are the same lessons carried over to the food I prepare today.   I am a hands on, self taught vegan chef and I take pride in the dishes I create for my clients.

Out of a very scary situation came greatness in the form of Urban Sweetness.       
The Urban Sweetness menu is 100% vegan, #ICanMakeItVegan.

Urban Sweetness wants you to "Discover The Options" in vegan food and we want to change the way you think vegans eat.