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Veganism was never in the picture for me until 2008 I was diagnosed with bronchioveolar carcinoma mucinous, a non-small cell form of lung cancer generally found in non smokers. July 2008 I had my lower left lung removed, and while recovering, I did a lot of research about possible causes of cancer, because this was not something that ran in my family.  My defining “AH-HA” moment, came the week of Thanksgiving 2008, I decided to become a vegetarian (yes, you read that right, Thanksgiving!!, lol) 
On my journey of finding more meatless resources, there weren’t a lot of options that catered to my taste buds or the foods I grew up learning to cook with family.   The time and lessons I've learned while cooking with my grandmother, mom and dad are the same lessons carried over to the food I prepare today.   I am a hands on, self taught vegan chef and I take pride in the dishes I create for my clients.

Out of a very scary situation came greatness in the form of Urban Sweetness.  The Urban Sweetness menu is 100% vegan.  Urban Sweetness wants you to "Discover The Options" in vegan food and we want to change the way you think vegans eat.  #ICanMakeItVegan.